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Think, Plan, Prepare

 to show the world what you have created...



                 You Don’t need a Publicist

You don’t need a PR Firm

But even if you have those...



Do you have an idea for a book, graphic novel or other creative project?  


Whether you have a publisher, PR firm, or production company behind you, there are many things you can do to have the best chance of success that no one else can help you realize. 

Do you want people to get excited about what you are bringing into the world?


You can create something amazing with or without a publisher or production house behind you - - but it will not guarantee any press.  It will not guarantee that you will have opportunities to take it out into the world yourself and show it off.  


You can pay extra for your own PR firm but it will not get you a book tour or guarantee any press or sell your product.


That is where I come in.


After four books published by major publishing houses and having started and successfully run my own boot-strapped small business, a boutique drive-in cinema in Austin, Tx, I know what PR firms, production companies, and book publishers will do and, most importantly, what they won’t do.  So I created my own alt PR, outside-of-the-box promotional method that creates nation-wide buzz and actually gets me and my projects  attention.


Let’s talk about:


  1. Helping you infuse additional elements into your work that can be used later to be one step ahead of the marketing scene so it stands out over other competing projects. 


  1. Arranging a promotional tour on a limited budget in places that are fun and draw your type of audience, for example, cool performance spaces instead of hard-to-fill bookstores. 


3.    Creating a video to accompany and liven up your online and live tour.


4.    Getting press from mainstream media like NPR and major newspapers to social media, more than just sending out a routine press release like your publisher or PR firm will do. We will work on targeting people who will actually be excited to share your news.


5.     Turning your project into other sources of promotion and income.


6.     Other creative, outside-the-box methods of promoting and selling your artistic enterprise that other people have not and would never think of.


I know.  I recently applied these techniques in promoting my latest book “Giraffes on Horseback Salad,” the lost story of Salvador Dali’s screenplay for the Marx Brothers.  I navigated the PR waters and managed to secure rare rave reviews.  “It’s a remarkable book.”  The Washington Post. “A really cool, funny, abstract graphic novel.”  CNET.  Plus, a fourteen major city book tour complete with video, t-shirts, posters, and a sound track with a major record company.  The book rose from being in the tens of thousands on Amazon’s sales rank to number 112 overall and the number one best seller in graphic novels.


Let’s chat about doing the same for your book or other creative project.


Josh Frank - Creative Producer and Book Consultant

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