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1975- Born in Austin TX.
1980's- Grew Up in Houston, Tx attended the Briarwood School. Summer camped at Echo Hill Ranch in the Tx. Hill Country.
1990- Wrote first play that was produced at the Kennedy Center called "Heavy Kittens."
1993- Graduated from Churchill High in Potomac, Md.
1997- Graduated SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory.
1998- (Summer) Started Movie Industry Internships in Los Angeles


2 days later- Moved to Austin Tx.



​1998-2000 : Wrote and directed staged adaption of Werner Herzog's Stroszek and other original works.
2000 : Moved back to NYC.  Worked for Nederlander Co. Associate producer of numerous Off Broadway Plays.


2002 : Moved back to Austin. Wrote, produced and starred in Jonathan Richman musical "The Man Who Was Too Loud."
2004 : Wrote and Published The Pixies Biography - Fool The World (Virgin Books)


2005: Wrote screen adaptations for Mark Vonnegut's The Eden Express and Kinky Friedman's Armadillo's and Old Lace"
2007 : Wrote and Published "In Heaven Everything is Fine- The Unsolved Life of Peter Ivers" (St. Martins Press and Soft Skull)


2008 : Wrote, scored and directed one hour TV Pilot "One Hit Wonder."  The almost true story​ of a fallen from grace 90's pop singer turned hit man.
2010/2011 : wrote musical "Flup."
2010: Created, designed, and built the worlds first Mini Urban Drive-in movie theater the Blue Starlite Drive-in.
2014: Releasing a new book and writing a Screenplay with Black Francis called THE GOOD INN.
2014: Wrote and Directed a Music Video for A New Pixies song called Greens and Blues.
2018: Harpo and Dali's Giraffes On Horseback Salad- Quirk Publishing with Tim Heidecker

                                                                            TIME LINE

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